The Keepers


Chapter I: Welcome to ‘The Keepers’

Chapter II: The Fugitive

Chapter III: Wake up From Your Slumber

Chapter IV: Won’t She Dance Even This Year?

Chapter V: The Fabric of Time

Chapter VI: The Same Moon

Chapter VII: Open Your Eyes!

Chapter VIII: The Satanic Weapon

Chapter IX: The Letter

Chapter X: Madam Rosa

Chapter XI: Well done, Magie!

Chapter XII: The Inquisition

Chapter XIII: The Eureka Moment

Chapter XIV: The Dance

Chapter XV: Membership Cancelled

Chapter I: Welcome to ‘The Keepers’

A wolf howled at some distance and I stared across the window which was brushed by fog. Taking its last sip, I placed the empty cup of kahwa on the table, and picked up The Global Bulletin, a local newspaper for a quick look.

  • Trump wants over $600 billion budget for US defense next year
  • Russia tests nuclear-tipped missile interceptor
  • Madonna wins privacy payout over Mail Online story about her adopting twins in Malawi
  • Human-trafficking tragedy: nine die in sweltering Texas truck
  • Found dead: A science student with half head shaved.

The waiter approached with the bill, and I placed the newspaper back on the table. After a minute, I stepped outside the inn wearing my overcoat, and neck covered with muffler. There was a hand bag with me having something more precious than any treasure – a set of my unpublished theoretical models and mathematical calculations that I worked over the period of years after being expelled by my university.

I picked a horse drawn carriage to reach to the next station, and then it took me an hour of stamping my feet on snow before I arrived at an ancient tower erected there for hundreds of years. Adjacent to it was a personal library of Professor Moshe, an eccentric professor living in recluse whom I came across on the internet years ago, and became his online student.

I knocked at the door, and a bald man walking with a crutch received me. He brought me inside where there were more or less two dozen people sitting there around a huge table in the basement. I occupied my seat. Professor Moshe appeared after 10 minutes.

“Welcome to The Keepers.

I had this dream when I was 20. Now, after 40 years, I have been able to at least form a society where we can sit and discuss how to make this world a better place to live.”

“But professor, how can just a few of us fix this world?”

“By using this!”, he pointed toward his head.

“If we play smart, we shall win. It’s very easy: all we need to do is to make some corrections in the history. These corrections in the past will automatically solve many ills of the present.”

The audience looked at each other in amusement.

“Here, I have gathered some of the brightest minds. There might be millions of students of science, but you are different from others. Like many others, you too are the victims of unfair policies of your governments and corrupt politicians. You too are the victims of unfair education system which suppressed your talent and tried to ruin your god gifted intellect. You too are the victims of those professors who suck at teaching, and feel threatened when a student asks a question or shares any new idea. Some of you have been expelled from your universities for being too bright. Some of you have been mistreated by your own families as they misunderstood you. Indeed, this has been happening all around, but what makes you different from others is the fact that you all refused to consider yourself victims. You decided to fight back till justice prevails. This self belief is the biggest power that makes you different from other self defeated lot.

I congratulate and welcome you at The Keepers!”

Professor finished his welcome note, and the basement echoed with applause.

“And now, without taking any more time, I would like to start this workshop. I invite you to share your presentations one by one. Thank you.”

Chapter II: The Fugitive

“Open the door, Qartighus,” someone knocked eagerly.

I tried to recover my senses. It was all dark around me. I rubbed my eyes and held my head in my hands to recollect my senses. There appeared huge black dots around me, and I was unable to focus. Then it seemed like someone stroke white smoky color over these black dots, and after a while I was able to look around me.

“Qartighus! Open it,” door was knocked again.

I managed to get up. There was a mat made of tree bark upon which I was lying earlier, along with a pillow made by animal skin. I wondered which time and place it was, but I had no answer.

“It seems even you won’t open the door for me?” the voice at the door begged.

“Wait a minute, I’m just coming,” I said loudly and started heading towards the door.

The moment I opened it, an old man rushed inside impatiently. His beard was grown and dress was soaked in sweat. He was shivering, but it was difficult to guess if he was feeling cold.

He leaned to pick up a bowl of water placed on the mat, and drank it up all in one draught. Then he turned towards me.

“Qartighus! I have hardly reached here. Soldiers will soon find and arrest me. Atarus told me about you. He assured that you would help me,” the old man said in one breath.

The situation was getting strange. I had absolutely no idea who this old man was, as well as Qartighus and Atarus were a mystery too.

“Tell me what happened, and how could I be of any help,” I replied.

“Today, I decided to practically demonstrate in front of those who consider my theories paralyzed and my brain suffering leprosy. I climbed the leaning tower of Pisa, with spheres of different masses with me. There were hundreds of people standing below, waiting for a foiled experiment, and to find me facing embarrassment. I dropped both these spheres together – one of one pound mass and the other of ten pounds mass – and let them fall freely. And to the amazement of people standing below, both of them fell simultaneously, and hit the ground at the same time. I assumed they will understand now that both spheres suffered the same pull by gravity, and will accept this fact that Aristotle was wrong. But they didn’t want to accept any fact. They hooted, and threw stones on me,” the old man told, and for the first time I noticed that his skin had rashes, most likely due to manhandling by the rowdy crowd.

“Long ago, Atarus emphasized that only Qartighus could help me in any such trouble, and hence, he instructed me to meet you. I have been able to reach here with a great difficulty. They are after me. Please help,” he continued.

I was getting goosebumps. I couldn’t believe I was standing in front of Galileo Galilei, one of the giants of the history. It left no doubt that the society – The Keepers – had done its job and Professor Moshe was successful in sending me to the past.

“Qartighus! Why are you not replying? Does your silence mean you too are not convinced like the other people? Are you considering me a psycho or a liar like all others? If this is the case, you too can throw a stone on me,” Galileo almost cried with emotions.

“No, this is not the case. In fact, I fully trust. I have faith in you and I will like to do whatever I could do,” I responded.

His face glowed brighter.

“Even if these people don’t listen to you, I’m sure the tower of Pisa will have been leaned even more to bow to your greatness,” I said.

Galileo held my hands in his own in gratitude.

At once, some noises started coming from outside. He got alert.

“They have been coming. I must run away,” he whispered and hurriedly walked to the door.

“No… Don’t go outside, Galileo. There are enemies there,” I shouted realizing that he was going to leave the home and rushed behind him.

He was quicker than my expectations, and stepped out of the door before I approached him.

He was running away and I was behind him. The moment he took a turn at the corner of the street, he had to stop. There were six soldiers in red uniform standing there, blocking his way.

The one with long chin clapped slowly in a teasing manner, and the remaining soldiers surrounded him.

“Fugitive! Now, you will be presented in the court,” the long chinned guy pointed his stick towards him and other soldiers grabbed Galileo mercilessly.

“Take him away,” he instructed loudly and soldiers started dragging him.

I remained standing there, still and blank until they got him away from my eyes.

Chapter III: Wake up From Your Slumber

The evening was getting darker. I was sitting on the mat in the home of Qartighus, without even aware of who he and what his relation with Atarus was. It was unbelievable being transferred to 17th century from the 21st, and now I was wondering how to survive here. One thing was sure that I needed to do something to rescue Galileo.

I stood up, and searched the pockets of my overcoat. Everything was right there: pen, notebook, glasses, wallet, cigarette box, compass needle, torch and lighter. I had enough currency in my wallet, but it was all useless for me in this point in time. I lit my lighter to take a look at the goods of this home.

It was a small place, having just one room and a courtyard. At the corner of the room, there was a wooden cupboard. I opened it and found a few clothes hanging inside. These were all women garments, and hence, it was easy to inference that this room was in the use of some lady. There was a layer of dust on floor, though not too much, and it seemed like the home was abandoned just a few days ago. There were some random plants being grown in the courtyard and left unattended.

I thought to go out and take a look at the society. Although it was quite darker outside, but there were enough number of lamps to let the daily routine go on. I knew my only shelter there was the home of Qartighus, and hence, I couldn’t afford to forget my way back home.

After a little walk, I found some bustle. There was apparently a preacher addressing a group of people in an informal way.

“People! Don’t you observe the hungry vultures flying at the distant horizon? They are waiting to attack the city and feed themselves on our rotten carcasses. Not too far is the time when the wrath of heavens will fall on us. Red winds will blow over our homes and markets. Angels of punishment will march in our streets. Wake up from your slumber before it’s too late…”

People were making cross on their chests, and some in the crowd were even crying. The preacher’s voice kept on fading as I walked on.

A little far away, there was another group standing in the same casual way. This time, the audience had a unique performer with a long, purple cloak. He was making strange and funny voices while reciting something, which I couldn’t really understand. It might be some form of poetry, as he would stop after each sentence and won’t proceed unless the audience claps for him. His poetry was substandard, and somehow had elements of vulgarity as well. People were excited and laughing. It was ironic to find two opposite sorts of speakers and audience in the same place.

I kept wandering, thinking about Galileo. Also, I was worried about my own status. I didn’t know how I would be able to go back in 21st century. I needed someone who could help me out to access Galileo. Lost in these thoughts, I came across a wide building with a display board Ristorante Jamal.

Chapter IV: Won’t She Dance Even This Year?

“Sun rises in the East – a land of golden dreams. Blessed are those who are born there,” I uttered in air to gain attention of someone sitting on a chair on my right side.

“East has mysteries hidden beneath its soil,” saying this I puffed smoke from my mouth.

He turned his head and looked at me with amusement.

Just a few minutes ago, I happened to step in the restaurant, Ristorante Jamal. I took a quick look all around to find someone whom I could talk. I had no idea as such, and there was no line of action too. I just thought to start interacting with any person who might appear educated, decent and rich. Finding a gentleman in grey suit, I thought to start communicating.

“If the East is the land of dreams, then what are you doing here in the Europe?” he smiled.

“Enjoying life, my dear. Let me introduce myself. I’m Rayyan. I visit new places, meet new people, make pen friends and write my travelogues. That’s my hobby,” I responded and puffed again.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Rayyan. I’m Yuruf,” he shook hands with me.

“Would you like to smoke?” I offered him.

Cigarette was certainly a new thing for that era. He appeared reluctant in start, but finally nodded his head.

“Wow! This is such a treat,” he seemed to like this experience.

“A humble gift from East, my friend,” I continued.

“Take a deep breath, inhale it, and then keep it for a while in your lungs before exhaling the smoke. This way you will enjoy it more,” I advised him.

Yuruf followed my dishonest suggestion, but soon started coughing.

“Oh sorry…. I did… something…. wrong….,” he exhaled abruptly and tried to clear his lungs by coughing.

“In fact, I have… (cough)… never… (cough)… tried this thing…,” Youruf justified his inexperience.

“I believe I haven’t even seen the king or anyone in the palace using it,” he said and I got alert.

“Have you visited the palace?” I was surprised.

“Yes, I visit regularly. I’m the chief architect of the king, and supervising the construction of his new palace,” Yuruf boosted and I felt like finding a way to move forward.

Who else could be a better person than him to inquire about Galileo? But I knew I needed to be careful while talking about this matter.

“I must say it’s a very wise practice that no one in the royal family uses it,” I appreciated.

“You know smoking is injurious to health. It damages lungs and respiratory system, and reduces life expectancy,” I continued.

“Oh…,” Yuruf appeared frightened.

“Worry not. You’re all fine. I was talking about excessive smoking. Otherwise occasional smoking is harmless,” I said.

“But I think you should quit smoking,” Yuruf suggested.

“Maybe someday, I’ll quit. I’m not a chain smoker though; I just taste it once in a while.”

“But why even occasionally, if it’s such an unhealthy thing?” asked Yuruf.

“You’re right. But there are some advantages as well. Smoking, for instance, temporarily relaxes one’s mind and one can think with clarity and focus on whatever one is doing. Sometimes, one even gets a sort of nirvana with excessive smoking as well,” I explained to him.

“Nirvana?” he looked at me.

“Yes, nirvana. Like one is physically sitting here, but mentally he is no more here. Ecstasy carries him away,” I continued.

“Well, well… I am afraid I am not convinced. What does this ecstasy practically mean when one’s lungs are damaged,” Yuruf argued.

“I have to agree with you. I was just talking in lighter note, “ I surrendered and laughed. “Neither we are preachers, nor have we left this world for woods like Buddha.

“It’s alright. It’s alright, man,”Yuruf also smiled.

“Do you want to know what the truer way to nirvana is?” Yuruf leaned forward and whispered in my ears.

This gesture appeared strange, but I nodded my head.

“Then look there,” Yuruf pointed his finger outside the glass door of the restaurant.

There was a young girl standing there, with a black rose in her hand.

“Ah, such a beautiful girl….. Won’t she dance even this year?” Yuruf mumbled, and I looked at him in wonder.

“You know she was the best dancer of the town. But then she left dancing,” Yuruf informed.

“But why?” I questioned.

“She fell in love,” Yuruf sighed.

“I couldn’t understand what the point is. Does one not dance after falling in love?” I asked.

“One certainly does, but her case is different. She didn’t just fall in love with someone, but in fact she fell in love with….” Yuruf took a pause and went silent.

“With whom?” I reminded him to complete his sentence after a while.

“You won’t understand unless I shared you her complete story,” Yuruf said and started narrating it from the beginning.

Chapter V: The Fabric of Time

“It was a freezing evening; perhaps the coldest one in the history of Italy. Heavy snow fall halted life all around; streets were deserted and it seemed like small white mountains were grown everywhere. It was the annual dance day, and the king had hosted a dance contest on the same evening. She was one of the contestants, but she refused to dance.”

“Why did she do this?” I asked.

“She was defending her title for which she practiced for the whole year. Everyone was surprised why she did so. Interestingly, she stopped listening to others’ dreams from that day onward,” Yuruf took a pause to clear his throat.

“Please don’t test my curiosity by these breaks of silence,” I requested him.

“I know I have this bad habit. Not only I am talkative, but I also prolong my conversation by creating suspense,” Yuruf admitted.

“Her name is Adelina. Her father was a great academic and well respected man in the town. But then Satan whispered in his ears, and he started making such prophecies which were contrary to the sanctity of the Church’s traditions. The king sent him to the prison. Adelina was too young when her father was taken away. Her mother already passed away while giving birth to her. Later, she was adopted by a monk as his daughter.”

I was listening with interest.

“The monk was skilled in making astronomical and numerological charts to interpret the signs and hidden meaning of dreams. This was his livelihood. People used to visit him, and Adelina too would sit with the monk to listen others’ dreams. This, you can say, was her hobby. Later, the monk quit his profession, and she had to miss her hobby. However, she still used to ask whoever she met if they had seen any dream. People would smile on this innocent gesture of a young girl. Could you guess why she happened to show interest in others’ dreams?” Yuruf asked.

“No, I have no good idea,” I replied.

“It was for the reason that she herself had not seen any dream in life. She didn’t know what dreams really are,” Yuruf explained.

“Wonderful. Just wonderful,” I remarked.

It was such an interesting story that I urged to know more about it.

“Yes, it’s wonderful. But then she stopped asking people to share their dreams. And its reason was disclosed during the annual dance contest,” Yuruf told me.

“Why did she stop listening about dreams?” I enquired.

“Because she fell in love,” Yuruf smiled.

I looked at him, visibly confused.

“When Adelina refused to participate in the contest, everyone asked for its reason. She replied that she would dance only with the man with whom she fell in love,” Yuruf continued.

I was listening to him with full attention.

“Thing is that she didn’t know who he was,” Yuruf added.

“Wait. She fell in love, but she didn’t know his name. Is this what you just said?” I enquired.

“No, I haven’t said she didn’t know his name. I said she didn’t know who he was,” Yuruf replied.

I started rubbing my temple while trying to understand what Yuruf wanted to convey.

“I know this would be so puzzling for you, but let me explain it. It happened that she fell in love with someone whom she saw in her dream. This was the first dream of her life, something that she saw when she was 20. Afterward, she stopped showing interest in others’ dreams, as now she herself knew what dreams actually are. It is said that the monk made the astronomical and numerological chart to interpret her dream. This was his last interpretation. Then he quit,” Yuruf explained.

 “Fascinating, indeed. And what happened with her father? You told he was sent to prison,” I asked.

“Yes, Atarus was sent there. Somehow, he managed to escape. No one knows how it happened, and where did he go. It was assumed that he fled to some other country and had been living there in hiding ever since. He couldn’t come back as there’s head money announced on him.”

Yuruf replied and I felt like I heard this name before. Aha, I recalled where I encountered Atarus’ name. This was when Galileo mentioned him in the home of Qartighus.

“Could I know the name of the monk who adopted Adelina?” I asked Yuruf.

“He was a close friend of her father. His name was Qartighus.” Yuruf responded and I was stunned.

The chain of events was more than just strange. My transition to 17th century and then meeting Galileo with reference of Atarus in the home of Qartighus. And then talking with Yuruf, and finding that he’s the chief architect of the palace. And now getting informed about this amazing story of Adelina. Are these all coincidences? I asked to myself.

“What happened, you have been looking upset?” asked Yuruf.

“I am alright. I am just thinking how mysterious her story is,” I made an excuse.

“Oh, yes. By any luck, do you know what dream she saw about her beloved?” I enquired.

“No, I don’t. No one knows other than she and Qartighus. However, somehow I came to know what interpretation was made by him,” Yuruf replied.

I was listening to him attentively.

“Well, it’s something ridiculous, but I am sharing with you. The monk interpreted that her beloved will jump from the roof of eternity, and will be entangled with the fabric of time. But the attractive pull of Adelina’s love will let him free, and he will join her for the dance. I cannot exactly recall what he said next… Perhaps he will be wrapped in the same fabric of time and be thrown away,” Yuruf was saying this, and my heartbeat was getting faster.

“What non-sense? Fabric of time, roof of eternity, blah blah. I guess Qartighus went crazy in his last years and started doing poetry” Yuruf laughed.

I had chills go down my spine. Ignoring the presence of Yuruf, I stood up and headed to the glass window to see if Adelina was still standing outside the restaurant.

She was not there anymore. But after a little effort, I found her. She was walking away. She slowly dimmed and finally moved out of my sight, along with that red rose which she was holding.

Chapter VI: The Same Moon

My footsteps were leaving their mark on the dark chest of night. Cool air was blowing abruptly. I didn’t know where I was going and for what. An unnamed sadness had surrounded me all around. Different faces were moving on the reel of my mind: my parents, my siblings, my students, my friends and foes, as well as my library. Would I ever be able to see them again? I had no idea how to get back to 21st century. I kept thinking, but reached to no conclusion. How can one reach to any conclusion in such extraordinary and strange circumstances? My heart started sinking. What if I died here? Won’t that be a strangest incident of the world history that someone passed away centuries before he was born? It was such a ridiculous thought I started smiling even in this difficult situation. Then I thought about Galileo. I was the only person who could really understand his scientific views and even teach him. What if I shared him that I was a man from the future, and a scientist myself? Would he believe on it?

Then I thought about Adelina and her father, Atarus. I wondered how he broke into prison, and where he would be living now. I had no answer to any of these questions.

Yuruf was staying in the apartment next to Ristorante Jamal, and hence, it was not difficult to meet him again. I kept walking aimlessly, and then thought to sit somewhere and get some rest. Some droplets fell on me and I lifted my head to look at the sky. It was cloudy, and stars were not visible. However, there was the moon shining sulkily. I thought I was not a perfect stranger in this point in time, after all I had this moon travelling with me as well – the same moon which happened to be my companion in 21st century. This thought brought a strange sense of pleasure in my heart and I kept staring it till it was covered by dark blanket of clouds.

It looked like a storm was on its way, as cool breeze started blowing. Clouds turned thicker and thicker, and darker and darker till heavy rain began pouring down.

I kept running, looking around for a shelter. It was quite dark but thunderbolts were helping to show me the way. Soon, I came to know I had reached to woods. The sound of wet grass was coming on being crushed under my feet and there were tall trees around. The thunder once again bolted furiously and it helped me noticing a mansion at some distance. It might be risky to take shelter there, but I had no other choice available, and hence, I started heading towards it.

Chapter VII: Open Your Eyes!

There was a rusted lock outside the wooden door of the mansion. After a little effort, I was able to get in through a window. It was total dark inside and I had to walk like a blind. It was quite a big mansion, and to my surprise I found a ray of light coming from some room. Cautiously, I opened the door and amused to find a lantern glowing there. It was easy to assume that someone happened to use this mansion, though he was not present there, at least tonight.

I sat down on the floor with my back supported by wall. I was so exhausted and needed some rest. I closed my eyes and my mind started rewinding whatever happened in this eventful day. The clouds were still thundering and the wind was blowing hard outside. Soon, I started dozing.

I didn’t know how long I slept, but it was some sound that woke me up. It appeared like someone was walking outside the room. My heartbeat turned faster, and I looked around to see where I could hide myself. There was a clay statue there at one corner. I crawled and hid myself behind it and held my breath.

Some time passed in silence, and the moment when I breathed a sigh of relief the door creaked open. I held my breath still and prepared myself for any situation.

And what happened next was simply an anticlimax, and what a relief it was finding a cat meowing and walking like a queen there.

“Oh you sweet little devil, do you know you almost stopped my heartbeat?” saying this I lifted her in my arms. She had a collar, showing she was someone’s pet. It didn’t take much time before she started playing with me and was no longer shy. And then I once again sat down on the floor resting my back with the wall.

“Magie, come here,” I clapped and she jumped on my lap. It was like she liked her new name that I just gave to her.

“That’s my girl! Would you like to listen to my story?” I asked her, and she purred like giving her approval.

“Here you go! My name is…..,” I started sharing her my story. I narrated who I was and how I joined The Keepers and volunteered myself for a time travel experiment, along with other society members. I shared why Professor Moshe wanted to undo some incidents of the past to fix the present. Magie kept meowing occasionally like she understood well what I was saying to her.

“Since you have become my confidant, keep my secrets to yourself. Once I’m able to rescue Galilelo, find out Atarus and meet Adelina, I will take you with me to 21st century. Now, suggest me how can I achieve my objectives?” I tickled her tummy and closed my eyes once again.

“Open your eyes, young man. Not Magie, but I will tell you the way,” some voice echoed in the room and I abruptly jumped in reflex action. From nowhere, some shadow emerged from the fireplace – a woman with long hairs and red eyes. Blood raced through my veins with this unexpected shock.

Lantern was still glowing in the room, and Magie was purring while licking her toes.

Chapter VIII: The Satanic Weapon

There was a sculpture of Jesus Christ at one corner, and that of Virgin Mary at the other. In between them, there was a throne made of gold. A man in his early fifties was sitting on it with a crown on the head.

“Your holiness! if I’m allowed, can I request you something?” Yuruf bowed.

The king nodded his head.

“We all are aware that you’re a lighthouse of wisdom and intellect, and hence, you always remain kind toward students as well,” Yuruf praised him.

“Yuruf, you know how much I value the importance of time. Come to the point without wasting it in other things,” the king instructed him.

“His holiness, a student has visited Italy from some Eastern country. He is touring the Europe and intends to write a travelogue for his countrymen. I told him about you and your wisdom. He was very impressed, and requested for the honor of meeting with you. If you kindly allow him to visit the palace,” Yuruf explained.

“I have other responsibilities, far greater than meeting with strangers. But you’re a faithful officer, and I would not let you down. I’ll give him a few minutes,” the king responded.

“Thank you, your holiness.”

Yuruf bowed to him in gratitude.


“I’m pleased to see you. I appreciate that you’re a student and willing to learn new things. However, I would find it appropriate to warn you right in the beginning that I reject such so called knowledge that questions the established religious truths,” the king said in strong tone.

“Your majesty, I cannot dare to argue against it. But I would like to know which sort of false knowledge is bold enough to criticize the religious foundations?” I asked softly.

“It is the satanic weapon – they call it Science,” the king replied arrogantly.

“Jesus Christ, our savior, was born on this planet. Therefore, this earth is a sacred place chosen by God for His son. To honor its sanctity, all other heavenly objects, like the sun, the moon and the stars revolve around it and the earth remains stationary. What else could be more untrue than the claim that the earth is not stationary, and in fact it revolves around the sun?” the king continued.

“His highness, isn’t it obvious that the sun and stars revolve around the earth? Who can even think contrary to it? If it’s not the case, we couldn’t stand and instead fall on its surface if the earth is moving like a ball,” I responded, obviously just to please the king.

“There are such fools under the influence of Satan. They misguide people in the name of so called Science. I have taken the oath that I won’t let anyone commit this blasphemy against the Holy Book,” The king responded with firm resolve.

“His holiness, you’re certainly a chosen one by God for this noble cause. I cannot help but wonder who could be such a fool to talk about incorrect things in the guise of Science?” I continued.

“There’s one ignoramus, Galileo Galilei, son of a lutenist, Vincenzo Galilei. He believed that the earth is neither fixed, nor the centre of the universe. He rejects geocentrism and claims that the sun is stationary.  My men had already warned him that any of his further irresponsible acts may result in his arrest and imprisonment. Instead of respecting the law, he carried on with his madness, and announced to practically demonstrate some experiment at the tower of Pisa. It’s odd that he was able to prove his claim as well,” the king told.

“Dear Sir, I would be obliged if you explain what sort of experiment it was?” I requested.

“He wanted to prove that lighter and heavier bodies come down with the same speed if they are made to fall freely from some height. He dropped two balls together – one of one pound mass and the other of ten pounds mass – and let them fall freely. They both touched the ground simultaneously, and this doesn’t make any sense,” the king narrated the detail.

“This is quite certain that the heavy ball will reach the ground earlier than the lighter one. How could someone do the opposite?” I responded with surprise.

“It was one of his gimmicks to fool the public. What else is Science but a set of tricks to challenge the common sense and mislead the audience. But this time people were vigilant. They noticed that he was cheating them. They threw stones on him and made him run for his life,” the king laughed.

“This is wonderful to learn that not only you have farsightedness and wisdom of a leader, but your nation also has the ability to judge between the truth and the falsehood,” I praised.

“I would highlight this fact in my book,” I boosted him even more and started writing it in my notebook.

“Yes, this is. Also, mention that my men had already arrested and thrown him into prison, so that he can be punished.” The king said in a louder tone.

I nodded my head, and started looking at the sculpture of Jesus Christ. It was such a fine piece of art in which the prophet was shown crucified with his hands and feet nailed to a cross. His eyes were showing immense pain, but there was noble calm and peace on his face. The sculptor has even shown red blood dropping from his hands and feet. I moved my eyes to the throne. The king was sitting on it, wearing a red cloak. I closed my notebook, and started staring at the red spots of ink on my fingers.

Chapter IX: The Letter

The distance between the dungeon, where Galileo was imprisoned, and the palace was around 2 kilometres. There were many guards at the main gate of the palace, but there were just two to guard the dungeon. They were armoured and metal had covered the front of torso. They had gauntlet as gloves, as well as they had open face bowl shaped helmets. It was almost impossible to defeat them in physical fight. It was mid night, and there were two flaming torches being lit.

“Help, someone please help me,” someone screamed at some distance, though not in loud voice.

The guards looked at each other to analyze the situation.

“Stop, stop. Don’t shout,” someone instructed in a very aggressive tone.

“Halt!” one of the guards ordered.

Footsteps were heard like someone was running away from the spot. Then a young girl approached at the gate of the dungeon in a rough state. Her hair were scattered, and clothes were somehow torn up.

“Help, please help me,” she begged.

“What happened? Who are you?” one guard enquired.

“I’m Sabrina. There is a man out there, who attacked on me. He threatened to kill me if I screamed,” she pointed her finger at some distance and started breathing heavily.

“Sick bastard,” the other guard exclaimed angrily.

“Keep her protected, and let me see where he’s hiding,” he continued and started walking away in search of the invader.

Now, the girl and the other guard were standing there.

“I’m scared. He will attack me again. Please help,” the girl was shivering with fear.

“He has big moustaches. He gripped my shoulders from behind and then….,” the girl couldn’t stand on her feet anymore and panted.

The guard leaned to pick her up, but she was unconscious.

In the meanwhile, the first guard reached back, and found his companion sprinkling water on her face.

“Son of a bitch ran away,” he updated.

“The lady is not feeling well. I think it will be better if we bring her inside,” his fellow put his suggestion.

“Oh, you both are so kind and helpful. I will be grateful to you if I could stay here for a while,” Sabrina requested.

“Yes, it won’t be safe for her to travel in night. Better she stays here till morning,” the first guard approved his suggestion, and lifted her on his shoulders to bring her inside.


Sabrina kept lying in an empty, unlocked cell for around half an hour. Then she got up and very cautiously walked out of the cell. After a little effort, she was able to find where Galileo was imprisoned.

“Shhhh….. Mr. Galilei…. Come closer,” Sabrina whispered.

He was already waking and visibly astonished. However, he followed her advice.

Sabrina looked here and there, and then brought a piece of envelope from her blouse.

“This is the letter from Mr. Qartighus. Read the instructions carefully and memorize them. Then torn and flush it out.”

Chapter X: Madam Rosa

A tribunal was made by the Church to discover and suppress heresy. Galileo had to face the inquisition, along with a few other accused. Among them was Isabella, daughter of Madam Rosa.

Madam Rosa was an aged woman who used to practice witchcraft. She was a mysterious lady who didn’t believe in traditional sorcery. She had an underground network, including midwives, mind readers and folk healers. This was what she told me herself.

Isabella, her daughter, discouraged the advancements of one of her male clients, a month ago. As a result, he threatened her of consequences. Later, when she went out to buy eatables, she was arrested on the charges of heresy. It was clearly an act of revenge, but Madam Rosa couldn’t risk her network by telling the truth to the court.

I was sitting there in the old mansion. Magie was sleeping, and Madam Rosa was lost in her thoughts.

“We have a week left till the inquisition,” she said. “Your secret letter is successfully delivered to Galileo. Now, it’s the time to payback and help my daughter,” Madam Rosa said.

“Yes, I am already thinking about it, and have sketched a plan.” I replied and started whispering it in her ears.


Yuruf was still a bachelor who never had any girlfriend. I had to convince Madam Rosa that we could take his help by giving him something which his life was missing. After a little argument, she agreed.

It was restricted by the court to let the accused of heresy meet anyone, and hence, we cannot directly contact Isabella. However, Yuruf was our only bet. We needed to release her before the inquisition. It was understood that her accuser would bring false witnesses to establish the case of heresy. Isabella won’t be able to defend herself knowing that it would result in a catastrophe. Witchcraft had already been declared illegal by the court, and hence, speaking the truth meant Madam Rosa and her associates would be arrested. The only possibility to save her life was prison break. For it, we had to take the help of Yuruf.

As planned, Madam Rosa temporarily arranged a well furnished 2 bed apartment in the town. Also, she explained Sabrina what role she had to play. My job was to invite Yuruf for dinner at the apartment where Sabrina would host us as a friend of mine. Yuruf took no time in developing interest in her though he was reluctant to express it in my presence. I moved myself away from this trio, and rest was easily managed by Sabrina. She was a master performer who knew how to seduce men and still keep them at distance. Within three days, Yuruf was deeply fallen in love with her and didn’t shy to propose as well.

This was the time when Sabrina talked about Isabella. She told him that she was her close friend and that if he really loved her, he would have to prove it by releasing Isabella from prison. Yuruf found himself in trouble, but agreed to try whatever he could do to ensure her safety. It was a risky deal, but he knew by doing this, he could win her heart.

Chapter XI: Well done, Magie!

Being the chief architect and a permanent employee of the palace, he was aware of the construction detail, as well as the security design, and knew where the keys were. The dungeon for women prisoners had a strict security plan. There were at least three guards who remained vigilant. Their shifts kept changing, but it was difficult to find any security lapse outside. Inside the dungeon, there were different cells. The guards used to visit inside in specific hours, but only to distribute meals.

It was the night before the inquisition. Security personnel were on their guards at the gate, without knowing what’s happening inside.

Someone crawled on the walls and jumped inside the dungeon from the ventilator, and then without making any noise reached at the cell of Isabella, and meowed. Her eyes stretched with wonder finding Magie there. The next surprise came when she found three keys stitched with Magie’s collar, along with a card. Without wasting any time, she moved her arms from the bars and plucked the card. There were instructions written on it. All she had to do was to unlock her cell with the first key and walk out. Then using the second key, she had to open the store room.

She acted accordingly. She was wise enough to lock her cell and the store room again so that no one could trace what took place. On getting into store room, she looked for the gutter. Using the third key, she opened its lid and entered in, along with Magie. It was 17th century, and one couldn’t expect any sewage system there, and hence, this gutter was just a passage to bring her to cellar.

When she reached the cellar, she was dumbfounded knowing not what to do next. At once, the door opened and she failed to find any place to hide herself. There was a young man stepping inside, who noticed her presence. Her heart started sinking knowing she’s going to be captured. Earlier, she was accused of heresy and now she will be charged with fleeing from prison as well. She closed her eyes and believed it’s all over.

“Well done, Magie. You’re a hero,” the voice came, and Isabella opened her eyes.

“What?” she couldn’t believe her ears.

The young man was doing something with the portrait of the king hanging on the wall. He rolled some pulley, and at once a secret path opened in the floor.

“Come on, Isabella. We have less time,” Yuruf whispered and pushed her.

Chapter XII: The Inquisition

The inquisition started. Galileo wisely understood and followed the instructions shared to him in the letter secretly delivered by Sabrina. He was asked the propositions of his heliocentric view of the universe by the commission so that the theologian status of his ideas can be determined.

The easiest thing to advise him was to retract from his views and accept the popular narrative of geocentrism as truth in order to save his life. However, neither I was going to suggest him any such thing, nor he was going to accept it. Therefore, I had decided to help him establishing his arguments on scientific foundations. In my letter, I had tried to convey him the main idea of the gravitational theory and shared pictorial diagrams as well. I advised him to submit his arguments only as theory, and not as truth. It was also suggested not to condemn geocentrism, as it would invite trouble for him. He simply had to stay on his grounds but without confronting with the tribunal.

Galileo presented the Copernican doctrines, as well as proposed the model to show how it’s possible for sun to remain stationary and the earth to revolve around it. After hours-long trial, the commission concluded the hearing and declared to announce the judgment in a few days.

I already knew what was coming. He would not be punished or imprisoned, but would be kept under house arrest until his death. Instead of trying to help him fleeing, I thought not to interfere with the history. I knew he would be condemned by the Church in this point in time, but the same Church would have to reverse its judgment and rectify its mistake, though after more than 350 years. I thought it would have more impact in the history of mankind if I let it happen the same way as it happened, instead of trying to change the timeline. I felt sorry for him, but he had to suffer to leave a greater mark in history.

On the other hand, Isbaella’s disappearance was a mystery for the security instrument of the dungeon. No one found anyone entering in; no one saw her leaving out, as well as her cell was found locked. She was simply vanished like a smoke within her cell. Failed to find any other reason, finally it was concluded that she was a sorcerer and the case was closed. Isabella went into hiding in the underground network of Madam Rosa.

I was relieved on these developments. Now, I was concerned about Adelina and wanted to meet her.

Chapter XIII: The Eureka Moment

Madam Rosa was very kind toward me, and I had not to worry about my accommodation, diet, or expenditure. Although she considered it a joke that I was the man from the future, but nevertheless she was friendly and grateful to me.

I used to spend my leisure time visiting outside, but unluckily I couldn’t find Adelina again. Also, I couldn’t find any information about Atarus and Qartighus. It came to me that Qartighus adopted reclusion years ago, and hardly anyone had ever seen him since long. His home was the place where I could find Adelina, but it was always found locked whenever I visited it.

The annual dance day was also announced. I came to know that it was a cultural festivity to celebrate the arrival of spring. There was a hustle and bustle in the town when the day arrived. Markets were crowded and people were buying flowers and sweets. There were jugglers performing on roadsides. Kids and youth were jubilant.

Walking through the crowd a thought occurred to me and I literally jumped why I missed this point earlier. I recalled when I was transformed to 17th century and woke up in the home of Qartighus, the door was locked from inside. But since there was no one there, I wondered who had locked it from inside? I decided to visit his home again to solve this mystery.

Before evening, I approached his home. It was locked from outside as expected. Carefully looking around, I waited for darkness to cover the area. Moonlight was helping me and I climbed its wall and reached to rooftop. Then it was easier to go downstairs. I brought torch from my pocket and started searching inside. There was nothing new there: same mat made of tree bark, same pillow made of animal skin, same water bowl, same cupboard and same unattended plants in the courtyard. However, one thing that I missed noticing in my earlier stay here was the presence of black roses. It reminded of the night when I met Yuruf in Ristorante Jamal and had seen Adelina for the first time. I could clearly recall that she was holding a branch with red rose with her.

I went inside the room and opened the wooden cupboard. Some lady garments were still hanging inside like the last time. I smelled them a few times in an attempt to absorb the perfume of Adelina.

Besides all this examination, I was yet unable to find any clue of why the door was locked from inside when Galileo visited this place. I kept thinking and kept looking around only to draw no conclusion. I sat down on the mat and thought I should better leave now, as there was no point wasting more time here. Then I casually turned one edge of mat, not knowing it would be my Eureka moment!

There was some rectangular outline drawn there. A little inspection revealed the fact that it was the way leading to somewhere. This discovery made me excited. I lifted the cover and found a few stairs going downward. Having torch in my hand, I went down.


It was a small basement, or a storage room, hardly 6 feet in height. There was some old stuff there left abandoned. I thought maybe someone, either Qartighus or Adelina, was hidden there when I was transformed here. I couldn’t guess any other logical reason to find the door locked from inside. I was lost in these thoughts, when I found an old fashioned closet in the wall covered with a small curtain. I moved it away and started looking what was there in the closet.

There were some old books there covered with dust. When I opened one of these books, something slipped from it and fell down. I moved light of torch to the floor and found that these were a few envelopes. I lifted them, and found that there were some letters inside.

This was by far the most important finding. I started reading them sitting on the stair. When I finished reading, I was all sweating. These letters had disclosed me some secret which helped me connecting many dots. I placed these letters back in the book and went out of the basement.

Chapter XIV: The Dance

Young faces were glowing with happiness all around while waiting for their turn. Yuruf was joyful too and for right reasons. Sabrina had accepted his proposal and it was going to be their first dance together. The bells gonged and the contest officially began. I looked around in a hope to see Adelina there, but she was not found. I knew she didn’t dance the last year, and it was not something surprising to find her absent this time too.

I walked away with heavy, yet hopeful feet. I had already got a valuable clue to find Adelina, and hence, coming hour or so was very important for me.

It took me around 50 minutes to reach at the mansion where Madam Rosa received me. Although the mansion used to look like an old and deserted place from outside, tonight it was well decorated from within. It was understandable that she was celebrating the night in her privacy. Of course, she and Isabella couldn’t go outside and enjoy the celebrations like all other people.

“Although I’m an outsider here in this city, but I wish to dance tonight,” I said to Madam Rosa in sad voice.

“Yes, you should dance tonight and enjoy. You’re not an outsider here, at least for me, Sabrina and Isabella. You’re like my son, and a friend,” Madam Rosa said with all affection in her voice.

“But I want to dance with Adelina,” I replied.

Madam Rosa remained silent.

“You’re very kind, indeed. I’m obliged that you consider me your son,” I was grateful. “However, I regret I cannot call you my Mother. Please forgive me,” I continued.

She stared at my eyes for a while, and then silently stood up to walk to other room. She was visibly hurt by my cold remark.

“Wait a minute. Let me finish what I want to say,” I added.

She stopped where she was standing.

“I regret I cannot call you my Mother. But I would be happy to call you my Father,” I said in calm tone.

Madam Rosa was confused.

“Do you know I visited Qartighus’ home today and have been able to read the letters written by Atarus to him,” I continued.

Madam Rosa looked in my eyes.

“For the rest of the world, you can remain Madam Rosa. But for me, from now onward you’re Atarus,” I concluded.

Madam Rosa threw her wig and scarf away. She was no longer looking like a woman now.

“My son! Could you please keep this secret to yourself,” Atarus requested.

I smiled and hugged him.


The night was lovely, sacred and deep. It was no longer dark, it was no longer silent. Atarus was playing drums and Isabella was whistling happily.

Adelina placed her left arm around my neck and I held her right hand in my left. My right arm had already wrapped her waist. I slowly moved myself in a circle and she too followed me. Her hair band slipped and long hair swayed down her back as she moved. I delicately leaned over her, and to maintain her balance she lifted her left leg up in air. I could see the moon reflecting in her eyes, the same moon which was my companion in 21st century too. I whispered something in her ear and hugged her. She blushed.

Adelina and I bowed to our audience, Atarus and Isabella. They clapped and congratulated us.

Then I lifted Adelina in my arms, and brought her to our wedding room. She placed her head on my chest, and while whispering sweet nothings we fell asleep.

Chapter XV: Membership Cancelled

Something hit my head and I woke up. There was no Adelina there, there was no room there, and there was nothing what I had around me just before going to sleep. Instead, what I had in front of my eyes was something unbelievable. Who had expected to see the bald assistant of Professor Moshe on waking up?

I got up with blank mind.

“What the hell were you thinking?” He shouted angrily.

I was not able to make sense of what was happening.

“You spoiled everything. You were sent there in the past for some purpose bigger than impregnating Adelina,” He kept shouting.

“On violating the terms and conditions, you don’t deserve the membership of The Keepers anymore,” this time Professor Moshe appeared from behind his back.

I was stunned, and silent. This was not the dawn I was expecting when I slept in the arms of Adelina. This was an ugly nightmare.

“I’m sorry, your membership has been cancelled,” declared Professor Moshe and his assistant at once hit his crutch on my chest.

Defenselessly, I fell down on floor.

“Shave his head,” I heard the professor before unconsciousness conquered my mind. The last thing came in my mind was the news report of The Global Bulletin:

  • Found dead: A science student with half head shaved.

(The End)

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

Pumpkin, pumpkin – one, two, three,
Cat jumped on my head from tree.

Pumpkin, pumpkin – two, three, four,
Wish I could hug you once more.

Pumpkin, pumpkin – three, four, five,
My dear, we all must stay alive!

Pumpkin, pumpkin – four, five, six,
My bag is just full of tricks.

Pumpkin, pumpkin – five, six, seven,
Her eyes are marbles of heaven.

Pumpkin, pumpkin – six, seven, eight,
Ghosts are knocking at the gate.

Pumpkin, pumpkin – seven, eight, nine,
Someone haunts my telephone line.

Pumpkin, pumpkin – eight, nine, ten,
I miss you every now and then.

Life is short – spread love and fun.
Happy Halloween, everyone!

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)


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Just a few days ago, 25th March marked the 22nd anniversary of one of the happiest days for the nation – the enthralling victory in the cricket world cup 1992.

Those were different days; simple and sluggish, yet pure and beautiful. There were only two television channels; PTV and STN. One had to wrestle with the antenna to get clearer transmission. Similarly, one had to live with the news’ bulletins during the matches. There were no quick means of communication, like internet or cell phones. Those days had less mechanical, but more real life interactions. Instead of updating Facebook statuses or tweets, people used to meet with each other. Life was more real than that of today.

In such days, cricket’s 5th world cup approached with much allurement. For the first time, white ball was introduced. Traditional white uniform was replaced by coloured clothing with player’s name written on the back and country’s name on the front. First 15 overs’ field restriction was imposed and flood light matches were scheduled for the first time in world cup history.

World cup 1992 - Group Photo

Pakistani team joined the mega event in uncertain circumstances. The biggest setback came with the injury of Waqar Younis, who had to miss the event. Javed Mianded was initially dropped, but probably the public pressure forced the selectors to change their mind. Imran Khan, the skipper, was struggling against his shoulder injury. Most of the players in the 15 member squad were inexperienced and had the least exposure to the international cricket, let alone playing experience on the fast tracks of Australia or New Zealand. For instance, the opening fast bowler Aaqib Javed was not even 20, the wicketkeeper Moin Khan was just under 21, Zahid Fazal was under 19, Inzamam and Mushtaq Ahmed were hardly 22. Iqbal Sikandar and Waseem Haider were like guest players, who began their one day career in the world cup and were never seen again in the team. Saleem Malik was not only terribly out of form, but also out of mood, probably due to dressing room politics or god knows what?

Pakistan team had a most dismal start in the tournament. The team managed to win only one game in first 5 matches. Here’s how things went;

Pakistan played its first match against West Indies. The captain, Imran Khan, couldn’t play due to his injury. Despite scoring 220, which was a reasonable total in those days, Pakistan lost by 10 wickets.

The second match was against Zimbabwe – the weakest opposition of the tournament. Greens convincingly won by 53 runs.

The third match brought heartbreak for the nation. Pakistan batting line fell like autumn leaves and finished on embarrassing 74 in 40 overs. But strange are the ways of god that rain not only rescued the team from a worst defeat but also blessed us with one bonus point. That miracle point later helped us reaching in the semi final.

The fourth match was against India, the traditional rivals. Pakistan failed to chase the humble target of 217 runs and got all out on 173, besides having 88 runs 3rd wicket partnership between Amir Sohail and Javed Minadad. Like ever, pulses raced higher and after having some disturbance from Indian wicket keeper Kiran More, Javed Miandad exhibited frog jumps. That was quite a funny moment of the match.

Miandad - Frog jumps

Like 74 against England and losing to India were not enough, fifth match against South Africa brought another misery. Rain halted the game and Pakistan was given the revised target of 194 in 36 overs. Pakistan had a confident start, but the acrobatic run out of Inzamam stole the victory. McMillan appealed for the LBW, but Jonty Rhodes, fielding at deep backward point didn’t wait for the response of umpire. The way he picked up the ball, ran and dived parallel to the ground to hit the stumps was just spectacular. That defined one of the finest moments not only in the world cup history, but the cricket as well. Pakistan lost by 20 runs.

Rhodes - acrobatic dive

Having just 3 points, the team was on 8th position out of 9 participants after playing 5 games. That was a hopeless situation.

Sixth match against Australia started with do or die situation for Pakistan. 76 by Amir Sohail helped us securing 220. Pakistani bowlers put their best efforts and confined Australia to only 172, winning the match by 48 runs.

From that victory, Pakistan stepped on the road of success.

Seventh match was against Sri Lanka. Pakistan chased the target of 213, registering its victory by 4 wickets in the last over.

Pakistan played its eighth match against New Zealand – the unbeaten team of the tournament so far. Proving itself dangerously unpredictable team of the world, Pakistan stamped a seven wickets victory against the unbeatable team and secured total 9 points.

Whether Pakistan would qualify for the semi final or not was all dependent on the match between West Indies and Australia. Victory could lead West Indies to Semis on securing 10 points. Luck was on our side. Lara got run out on 70 and finally Australia won by 57 runs.

Pakistan, standing 4th on the points’ table, reached to semi, where it had to face New Zealand.

Semi final put Pakistan into almost a desperate situation, when there needed 123 runs in last 15 overs. 263 was a huge target in those times. The crowd was hostile and there was no Afridi or Jaysuriya phenomenon in batting to turn the table in a few overs. But what happened next was spectacular. Young Inzamam’s fast and furious innings of 60 runs of just 37 balls along with Miandad’s unbeatable 57 confirmed Pakistan’s place to final.

WC 1992 - Semi Final

That was 25th March 1992, the biggest day for Pakistan’s cricket history. Pakistan won the toss and chose to bat. Openers failed and Pakistan hardly managed to score only 70 in 25 overs. From that much defensive performance, Pakistan shifted to aggressive mode and scored 249 in 50 overs; featuring 72, 58, 42 and 33 by Imran, Miandad, Inzamam and Wasim Akram.

The electrifying bowling attack of Pakistan cornered England to 69 for 4. But then Allan Lamb and Neil Fairbrother took the score to 141. Keeping the attacking policy, Imran gave second spell to Wasim Akram in 35th over. That brought the most promising moment of his career, when two wizardly deliveries sent Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis back to pavilion. When Neil Fairbrother got out on 62, total score was 180 for 7. Rest was a formality. Pakistan easily conquered the English team by 22 runs.

Wasim Akram - The final WC 1992

The world cup theme song, “Who rules the world” started telecasting on the PTV. The whole nation was jubilant. It was a day like Eid, even thought this was 18th Ramadan in Pakistan.

I was just 10 at that time, but when I reflect back to that day, I could easily recall why winning the cup was so important. My Mother told me that Imran could build the cancer hospital only if we win. Not only for me, but for the whole nation, that was the cause larger than life. Imran spoke of the same in the award ceremony.

Who in the world had imagined that the team who collapsed on shameful 74 runs against England could reach to the final and defeat the same team and emerge as a world champion. Thanks to the rain and the bonus point that miraculously brought Pakistan to semis.

The cup and the skipper

This is 2014 now. 22 years have passed to the happiest day of our cricket history. T20 world cup is in progress. Pakistan desperately needs another happiest day. We really do.

Let’s hope for.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

Hug me; I am frozen inside.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.
Please be with me, and do not hide.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.

My soul is soaked up in the dark,
There seems no ray of light.
Be nice to me and hold my hands,
Do help me in this fight.

Get in my arms; glow far and wide,
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.
Hug me; I am frozen inside.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.

What’s that unveiled across the wall?
Well, this is never shown.
Unasked, unheard, unsolved, unseen,
Unnamed, unsung, unknown.

Stand up and reach; Get up and stride,
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.
Hug me; I am frozen inside.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.

No matter how much dense is fog,
No matter how much cold.
Keep your head high and walk through it,
And get the pot of gold.

Embrace the rainbow with a pride,
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.
Hug me; I am frozen inside.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

Sunshine :)

Trust broken up, once and for all,
But no, I must not cry.
It’s over – yes, it’s over now,
Stand up and bid goodbye.

I never thought we had to part,
For no reason and rhyme.
But ah, once we were friends – and this,
Hurts deeply all the time.

The place where once I had my heart,
Now, carries only pain.
But I won’t cry, but I won’t shout,
But I must not complain.

It hurts me that she walked away,
Who once remained my friend.
Still I will share her all the prayers,
And care, I must extend.

Bestow on her the happiness,
And make her wounds all heal.
Oh Lord! Please let her rise again,
Give her the heart of steel.

No matter how much tough is life,
No matter how much dark.
Don’t let the tides wreck ourselves,
To shore, please bring the ark.

It’s not that easy, yes I know,
But one must always strive.
And so do I will try my best,
Hope that I would survive.

I’ll try to keep my tears unshed,
Smile, as much as I can.
It’s time to quit; it’s time to leave,
But like a gentleman.

(– Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green, 27th January 2014)

Broken Mirror

The poem is dead

O rest in peace – the poem is dead,
I doubt if ever it was born.
There is no light, there is no hope,
The ink has dried, and page is torn.

I wish I could have saved its life,
I wish I could have written more.
I wish I had not let it go,
I wish I had not closed the door.

It’s not the first, it’s not the last,
It happens every now and then.
The lifeless fingers cause to stop,
Then, no way can I move my pen.

But that one was close to my heart,
That one was which I love to be.
Ah, yet I had to do it, sad,
I killed it all; from A to Z.

The death of poem is death of mine,
But only if you ever care.
I may come back to life, but well,
It’s okay, I don’t ask for prayer.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)


Her home was silent – like a grave,
No footmark on the floor.
No sign of life; no voice, no light,
I stared at the door.

On all the walls, the paint was torn,
And dust laid on the chairs.
Will she come back? No, she will not,
Cried all those empty stairs.

My pulse was racing with a fear,
I turned my head to right.
She slowly dimmed and in the end,
Moved finally out of sight.

With heart filled with a steady pain,
And tired, aching feet.
I knew I had to walk in vain,
In dark and endless street.

I wish I could forget it once,
That ugly, awful lock.
Which yelled: now she is here no more,
The time was 4 O’ clock.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

That ugly, awful lock.

Sunshine yellow, sunshine blue,
Dashing chroma, lovely hue.
That’s a treasure, tried and true,
Shines like pearl, on me and you.

Hide me, hide me in your shawl,
All for one and one for all.

Morning starts with zeal and zest,
Lark has come out from her nest.
Sun from east, and clouds from west,
Ah, their wedlock seems the best.

Winter, summer, spring and fall,
All for one and one for all.

Fluttering, flapping, greeny grass,
Empty bench and half filled glass.
Whistling breeze like that of bass,
Let it go, oh let it pass.

Let it play with trees and squall,
All for one and one for all.

Come on, come on, bros and sis,
Walk on air, let’s dance with bliss.
That’s so simple, yes it is,
Bless each one a hug and kiss.

Love is writing on the wall,
All for one and one for all.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)


She smiles in beauty, like a flower,
With charming scent and floral touch.
My head bows down, the worship starts,
Still looks, I haven’t loved her much.

Such gentle voice with tenderness,
Such sweetest hymn, and soft accent.
Such thoughts, that fill the volumes and,
Such words, that bring enlightenment.

These are, but pearls from higher world,
Not ordinary lips, or cheeks, or eyes.
What mystic Rumi failed to know,
I found that heaven in disguise.

Please wind! Don’t try to steal my scarf,
She at once, turns and hides her face.
And whispers something in the air,
Oh all that beauty, all that grace.

Some day, I would confess to her,
But how and when, I have no clue.
My silence keeps the mid night tears,
Her laughter shines the morning dew.

But ah! I am an autumn tree,
With springless nights, and arid days.
I wonder she will pluck my thorns,
Or maybe simply part her ways.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)
Dedicated to 2nd November 2009

She smiles in beauty

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/W729X9

Gem and Stone

She called him a gem,
But went for stone.
She ruled out him,
To choose unknown.

What lies in her heart?
She never shared.
She lost her time,
And hardly cared.

He fought with the walls,
But failed to break.
He earned only sorrow,
And lived in ache.

She said him goodbye,
Not even shook hands.
She left him alone,
And walked to new lands.

He waited for long,
And then gave up.
He left the chair,
With untouched cup.

Besides her smiles,
And the wedding chimes.
Life turned to have,
No rhythm and rhyme.

In a palace like home,
She found no space.
Every day, a new torment,
She had to face.

Then, one dark night,
Being doomed by scars.
She looked at the sky,
But got no stars.

She lost the sunshine,
Earned merciless rain.
She missed his warmth,
And cried in pain.

She had all the wealth,
With a man so tall.
But being unloved,
She was poorest of all.

With pillow in her arms,
Alone she slept.
Finding her soul empty,
Helplessly, she wept.

Her cheeks wrung pale,
And eyes turned wet.
She broke her bangles,
With a feel of regret.

The nights turned gloomy,
And the days so black.
She cursed her fate,
And wished him back.

But once who leaves,
Does never return.
And hence only memories,
One has to earn.

Few lessons in life,
We learn so late.
If we think in time,
Wouldn’t it be great?

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

Image credit: http://dustfae.deviantart.com/art/Never-Alone-188330093

She waited all the night for one voice,
But no one knocked at the door of loneliness.
A prayer slipped from her eyes with a tear,
And fell down on the floor of loneliness.

She searched for one dream in her palms,
And looked at the sky in wonder.
She counted the days on her fingers,
And marked a circle on the calendar.

She walked to the corner of her room,
And then sketched a rose with the chalk.
She stared at it with the silent lips,
And wished if these walls could talk.

Dark, cosmic, stunning – but all blank,
She gazed at her eyes in the mirror.
The dismay blurred her vision like a fog,
Then at once, everything became clearer.

She wrote a few words on her scarf,
Hugged gently and threw it out of the window.
Her poem flew with the wind to the horizon,
And next day, appeared in the form of rainbow.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)


Once, I was like a pale tree;
With the weak roots,
Slender branches,
And autumn all around me.
Solitude happened to be my guide.
Silence took a toll on my soul,
And left me just hollow from inside;
Along with silent eyes and empty hands,
Void of the pain of love.

Then, someone tread here like an angel;
Embraced me with a smile,
I was all arid,
She spelled a blissful rain of love.
And turned the soil of my soul into a garden.

You drifted among the flowers,
And I devoted my nectar to you.
You engraved your name on the stem,
And my skin got injured.
I played the flute of wind for you.
You sung, danced and swayed.
I burnt myself under the scorching heat,
While you slept under my shade.

You placed your arms around me,
And offered your shoulders to cry on.
I thought the season of sorrows is ended,
And I got a companion, someone – my own.

But ah, my love!

Now, you wish to leave me?
And want me to forget you.
Just because I am not a tall tree,
And couldn’t touch the sky for you?
Just because the symphonies I play, are sad,
And they can’t bring any joy for you.

I won’t stop you.
You could seek another garden.
(but I will not wait for anyone else.)

The only name,
Shining on my stem is yours.
(And that too written by you.)
You want me to erase it?

If once I do,
I will start dying again;
Root by root,
Words by words,
Nest by nest,
Birds by birds.

If once I do it,
The autumn will reign over me again;
Branch by branch,
Leave by leave,
Dawn by dawn,
Eve by eve.

If once I do it,
My garden will be withered again;
Day by day,
Hour by hour,
Moment by moment,
Flower by flower.

You wish to leave me?
I won’t stop you.

In your next journey,
You could find so many tall and beautiful trees,
With the outfit of the green fabric of the spring.
(Sometimes, I wish I could also be like them;
Handsome and strong – just like a king.)

But caution!

In such a beautiful gardens,
Hunters use to fix their nets,
They trap the butterflies.
Strip their wings away and steal their colours.
Such gardens are delusions.
Those who wish for them,
Chase nothing but the illusions.

You wish to leave me?
Go ahead.
I won’t stop you.
As I will already be dead;
Withered, pallid and infertile.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

Image credit: “The last tree” by Pygar

Her room was like a library,
I found her among the books.
Big glasses, bungled dress and hairs,
Philosopher by her looks.

I asked her, with surprising tone,
Why so much books she had?
(Perhaps I discomforted her,
By arguing, and that’s bad.)

She said she welcomes everyone,
(But switched off is stardust.)
Then hugged me to officially start,
A friendship based on trust.

Then at once, lost in random thoughts,
She placed her hands on shelf.
And sighed if ever she will find,
Her soul mate, Mr. Elf.

Before there born Copernicus [1],
She told, this earth was flat.
And in the box, beneath her bed,
There was Schrödinger cat [2].

She was so void of cosmetics,
With spots of ink on chin.
She picked a lipstick from cupboard,
And threw in the dust bin.

She arched her fingers, and then shaped,
A star with rubber band.
And looked at me with such a smile,
Like sky is in her hand.

Her eyes were like magnetic poles,
With arctic flares in head.
No cushion or pillow for nap,
She had just books on bed.

And when she took and placed on lips,
An empty cup of tea.
Her absentmindedness was like,
She’s not she, she is me.

She told hate is love in disguise,
And love is actually hate.
I said, “For heaven’s sake! please stop,
I couldn’t get it, mate.”

Then don’t know why she angrily said,
“You too are like all men.”
To prove her wrong, then in return,
I gifted her my pen.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

[1]- Nicolaus Copernicus (1473–1543) was a mathematician and astronomer who proposed that the sun was stationary in the center of the universe and the earth revolved around it.
[2]- Schrödinger cat: A famous paradox of Quantum Physics.

She smiles with beauty like a flower,
The one, which blooms in pleasant rain.
Her cheeks shine like an ornament,
Who knows this way she veils her pain?

She thinks of me, while going to sleep,
Here all day long, I miss her much.
I dream to see her noble face,
She prays to feel my gentle touch.

No matter what else I might say,
I turn my words when I confess.
She does the same with trembling lips,
Then at once brings a No from Yes.

She laughs to hide her swollen eyes,
I smile to heal my broken heart.
And day by day, such time will come,
With injured self, when both will part.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

Save the World

Who never cares for needy ones,
And can’t think of mankind.
No matter, having thousand eyes,
Such man, for sure, is blind.

Not all can ask themselves for help,
If once you understand.
Don’t have your ego let them down.
Just lend the helping hand.

The patient, lying on bed with tears,
Has no hope anymore.
He might be hungry for three days,
The one, who lives next door.

The child, who lately lost his mom,
Is shivering in the cold.
Go hug and spread the warmth of love,
And show your heart of gold.

Don’t laugh, when find someone helpless,
Don’t take this world as zoo.
To make this place – Eden or hell,
You know – it’s up to you.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

From the monsters of reality to the dragons of fantasy,
My breaths are unsure, and your fate is chancy.

Gildamesh, Hydra, Sea serpent, Keira or Lotus,
You never were afraid, but always took a notice.

You led the army from front; be it a battle or a quest,
No wonder, today a medallion shines on your chest.

Cleric, Mage, Rogue, Ranger and a Warlock,
Crippling, deflection, and attacks – round the clock.

Bells toll for Armageddon, how to chain the spawn?
The battle will carry on from dusk till dawn.

Lo and behold! Here She comes from the forbidden land,
With a shine in her eyes, and a sword in her hand.

She speaks in her silence, plans strategy with vision,
And never gives up, even if she loses the mission.

Tired and injured, but for rest, there is no choice,
To be a champion, one needs to pay some price.

A star has fallen last night in the backyard,
And Glacius, the Frost Giant killed an elite guard.

Alchemy went wrong, and lava shard hit the ground,
Orcs emerged, and invaded the castle from all around.

Final round begun, clocked ticked, countdown started,
Ambrosia favors, but only those, who are not fainthearted.

I rushed with my cloned defenders to her aid,
But Typhonus swirled his arms and killed me with a blade.

Azeron issued mystic powers to all his dead slaves.
And seprent thrashed wildly causing large waves.

She rushed to save the army from that ravage,
And launched the force field for a massive amount of damage.

Health bar dropped to zero, but no remorse,
A cleric will fill the bar green, with full force.

Orcs jumped inside the castle breaching the eastern wall,
But she didn’t show panic, and still stood tall.

Giving up was not the option, but a blasphemy, a crime,
Do or die, but attempt for the survival, just one last time.

She opened the window, and let the volley of arrows fly,
She shouted, “Hit, hit, hit – Try, try, try.”

Atlantean spear shunned the last member of her team,
She recited her spell – The requiem for a dream.

Living in womb of time, how come one defeat the fate?
But she broke them all – those ugly walls of the dark gate.

So my friend, my leader, and the loving one.
You fought like Xena, didn’t take it as a fun.

‘Castle Age’ is not so easy, as sitting on a calm chair,
It asks a tons of courage, and calls for bounties of dare.

How to win the challenges, you proved yourself aware,
If one doesn’t appreciate, it would highly be unfair.

You skilled well in the art of getting out of trap,
Standing ovation must be there, with my cheers and the clap.

‘Castle Age’ is a long and a difficult tunnel to travel,
Girl! You made me proud, achieving the 500th level.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

This poem is written as a tribute to my beloved, on achieving the milestone of 500th level in the Facebook game “Castle Age”. Game’s terminologies and characters’ names are used, which might be difficult to understand for the non-gaming readers.

She talks in beauty, like a song,
With cleansing dust, and flares of ice.
The sweetness of ecstatic rhymes,
All are collected in her voice.

Mind treasured with such thoughtful trees,
Like someone lost her way in wood.
The vox that hymns like music notes,
A silence that’s less understood.

Who cares from where these echoes come?
From ancient bells of shores of Nile.
Her eyes are deeper than these waves,
Storms calm down with her single smile.

O’ Lord! Play once the harp of love,
My garden seeks the chirping birds.
O’ Lord! If once you bless my ears,
Few of her whispers and the words.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)
Dedicated to 2nd November 2009

Be sunshine or it’s rain,
Be day time or it’s night.
Your hug brightens my sleep,
Your smile makes me delight.

Just once please hold my hands,
Get in my arms and twine.
Once hug and clean my soul,
Your touch is all divine.

I hope I could survive,
Still with this wound in heart.
Look in my eyes and smile,
And then we both may part.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

The more this night gets dark and deep,
The more these eyes have pledged to weep.
Jump turns to fly, crawl grows to leap.
But price of all is never cheap.
I lost my rest, I lost my sleep.
My heart feels like crushed by the heap.
The more I try, more do I cry.
And more I wake, more dreams I take.

For joys to reap – I must should sow.
A promise lives within me now.

As long as eyes are filled with tears.
As long as there are cries and fears.
As long as dreams are killed by spears
As long as life is void of cheers.
Blind are my eyes, deaf are my ears.
For all those gone, forsaken years.
The tears we cost, the smiles we lost.
Unanswered prayers; mine, your or theirs.

Still in my heart, love signs a vow.
A promise lives within me now.

O’ Lord! You made my heart so weak.
My looks seem dull, my words seem meek.
They call me dumb, they call me freak.
Why does luck play just hide and seek.
Please no more tear to roll on cheek.
Please bless me power to fight and speak.
I have no ark, in sea of dark.
How long I fight? Do show me light.

O’ Lord! On knees I beg, I bow.
A promise lives within me now.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

Love can be deceiving sometimes.
It hurts, it aches, and it breaks.
But everything seems fine, If you put dust on.
To act clever.
But Caution!
A wind of regrets can blow all the dust away,
Leaving us lonelier than ever.

Love is blind;
Works over any expectation,
And even beyond.
What we really want at our hearts,
Is not really what our eyes see.

I learned this lesson,
before closing the last window,
When I promised myself,
Of “Sublimation”.

(Poor me.)

I asked myself,
To try to stay like that,
No matter what life throws at me.

At that moment, I thought,
Love has other reasons that reason has not.
Loneliness cuts us away from the people.
We always tend to take them as strangers to ourselves,
And world turns a pity to live in,
This tragedy remains the same,
No matter what corner of the universe we dwell.

I learned,
No one likes to die alone,
And we have that power,
Not to let ourselves to slide in a pit of despair.

Before closing the last window, I reckoned,
There is no peace for the human soul,
But to love and being loved.
I thought,
It’s a right time for me to move on,
And not to look back over my shoulders.

Before closing the last window, I learned,
Love, happiness and liberation are within us,
Not in the one, we want with us.

I thought, It’s hard to reach an inner balance.
And if is in cards to stay alone,
That would be,
(But don’t give up hoping.)

I decided not to deduce any meaning from anything,
As sometimes, demons seem more faithful than angels.
Sometimes, life is like that,
People close to us,
Don’t realise our need for more closeness.
They only feel stuffed.

Before closing the last window, I recalled,
Once she said that I had a tender heart;
So gentle and caring,
Big enough to forgive her on not loving me.
And forget her for a new start.

I smiled with salty eyes,
(Is this the way, I want her to remember me?)

Well, may be, because once I was a poet.

Yes, was!

Since, then l lost my capacity of abstraction,
When I accepted that,
No one comes back in love.
They lie, they cheat, and they deceive,
But they don’t come back.
I learned this lesson,
and closed the last window.

Then I realised,
The more we become misanthropes, the more we need the others to heal our souls.

And a moment before it,
I promised myself, Of “Sublimation”.

(Poor me.)

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green.
Special thanks to my blogger friend Gaby Pretorian – USA with hugs and smiles)

Star and Fish

Star looked from sky at fish on beach.
Light fell on sand, and made a screech,
“A cruel wave has signed her dead.
Why did she leave a safe sea bed?
There’s life in sea, and death on shore.
May all my li’l friends learn it more.”

The moment, when star had this wish,
A big fish killed another fish.
But since that happened miles deep,
Who cared to watch, who cared to weep?

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan — While the Indian cricket team is ready to leave for Mumbai to face Sri Lanka in the final encounter of World Cup 2011, Pakistani team has to pack up to come back home. That’s a sad moment for my team, but this is what sports is all about. This is the part of the game and not every day is destined to be ours.

Congratulations to all my Indian friends. That was the match played in good spirit by both the teams. Manmohan Singh has shown a nice gesture by inviting Pakistan’s Prime Minister and Mr. Gillani reciprocated well. Pakistan’s skipper Shahid Afridi and the whole team greeted the winning side with a big heart and smiling face. What a tournament and what a wonderful day for the sportsmanship.

That’s the victory of the Cricket. That’s the defeat of distances among our hearts. All the best to Indian team for the Final. Whoever be the winner, let’s cheer that the new World Champion would be from Asia.

Pakistani team joined the mega event, after going through one crisis after another. Pakistan was initially one of the hosts of the World Cup, but this honour was soon taken away  which was a great disappointment for the cricket loving friendly nation. The recent England’s tour happened to be the worst nightmare which resulted in the ban on our top 3 players. Team was all shattered after this incident. Morale of the whole nation was down. To lead such a team in the world cup was the biggest challenge which Shahid Afridi accepted and then we all witnessed how our young team started the journey of victories. Standing at the top of the group after competing with world class teams of Sri Lanka and Australia was an achievement. Historical victory against Australia was enough to prove that the Greens are still the best and can bring miracles. 10 wickets haul against West Indies in Quarter Final proved the potential of the team. Playing the Semi Final was a privilege and a matter of great prestige. We lost the match but in graceful manner. We didn’t give up. We fought till last over.

Losing the toss was crucial. In games with such a tremendous pressure, chasing the target is never easy. We lost to India in all the world cup matches, while batting second. We had all the big names in 1992, 1996, and 1999; including Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younas, Saqlain, Shoaib Akhtar, Inzamam, Saeed Anwar and many more; still we got defeated while chasing. This time, we had a young team. Still our players; Umer Akmal, Asad Shafiq, Wahab Riaz and Saeed Ajmal played really well. It was predicted that dew factor would help the batting side, but there was no such dew as was expected. That went against us. India got the advantage of home ground and home crowd as well. Besides that, Pakistan’s performance disappointed us in fielding. Too many dropped catches favoured the opposition. That was the bad day for Umar Gul, who otherwise bowled pretty well throughout the tournament. Giving Umar another spell in the last overs proved to be a wrong decision. Not availing the batting power play while Afridi was on crease happened to be a wrong move as well. Younus didn’t score well. Misbah played much slower, when a higher run rate was required. Abdul Razzaq got flopped in batting. This is how we lost our chance.

But wait a minute. Talking with hind sight is the easiest job to do. That’s surely not an excuse but while sitting in the front of TV screens, we can’t guess the bone crushing speed of the hard ball, when it approached to fielders, which resulted in dropped chances. Who knows the deflection or angle of the sun light to their eyes. Admit it or not but Misbah, played a solid innings. He played every ball on its merit. Required run rate was the big issue, but Misbah at least stayed there. Quick fall of 3rd and 4th wickets were the turning points. Taking risks in such a situation neither was easy nor very sane, and hence Misbah played to the point. It seems that Pakistan planned to use the batting power play after the last over of Harbhajan. Luck didn’t favour and Afridi lost his wicket just before it. Otherwise, result could have been totally different. As a replacement of speedster Shoaib Akhtar, the young man Wahab Riaz took 5 wickets. He deserves a standing ovation. His performance was treat to our eyes and a hope for the bright future of our team. The only 3 sixes of the whole match were hit by Pakistan. Razzaq didn’t score in the match, but same is true for Yuvraj as well. We didn’t use him properly in the bowling. However on the positive note, giving spell to expensive Umar Gul proves the confidence, which the captain shown on him. Isn’t it the same confidence which Imran Khan gave to Abdul Qadir long ago, even though Abdul Qadir was going expensive and match was slipping from Pakistan’s hands? Abdul Qadir did it but Gul had a bad day. That’s all. World class Waqar Younas got punished even in more horrible way by Jadeja in World Cup 1996. Cricket is unpredictable and this is the beauty of the game. Let’s just enjoy that.

From first match till the Semi Final, Afridi worked really hard as a captain. He kept interacting with the bowlers after each ball and kept discussing with other players for the field adjustment and to alter strategy. He united the shattered team and made it a one combined unit. He led from the front with attacking mind set. He casted magic of his spin. He is the top wicket taker of the tournament. He interacted well with the media throughout the tournament as well and in the closing ceremony; he talked with a right spirit. Greatness doesn’t only lie in chanting slogans or dancing after getting a victory, but the real test comes when one faces a defeat but accept it with an open heart and a big smile.

Last but not least, Shoaib would always be remembered in the history of cricket for the enthusiasm, which he introduced in to the game. He resigned like a gentle man. Wankhede Stadium of Mumbai is unfortunate not to see him running over her shining grass on 2nd April as a last match of his international career. We are sad and disappointed, but still we love Afridi and all the boys. Whenever greens would play their match against any team; our hearts would beat for them, our prayers and claps would join them and we would keep waving the Green flag to show our support and love.

Don’t lose hopes. As a great nation, we should know how to go through such a sad moment and how to keep supporting our team.

Tomorrow is a new day. Better luck next time, friends. Pakistan Zindabaad ♥

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green, 31st March 2011 – 05:00 am)

PS: I have written it in a very short time along with flu and fever. So, please ignore and forgive me if I left any mistake or if you differ.

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/kuPChV

Surrounded by the heavenly light,
She ran, chasing the butterflies of dreams.
She wished to touch them.
Their coloured wings stirred her sight,
And she ran fast.
She crossed wide rivers,
Climbed up the huge mountains,
She went through the meadows.
Passed through the deserts,
Showered by the cosmic fountains,
Rising up, above and high,
At the distant corner of the universe,
Finally, she won in holding the wings of one butterfly.

At once,
While looking around and feeling my absence,
She slipped from the bend of galaxy,
And left out of her balance.
She yelled for help,
Trapped in whirl of gravity.

She screamed loud and found her dream broken.
Desperation made her eyes, wet.
Getting void of the sense of loss,
She placed hands on her breasts,
And made a cross.
Then, she covered her face to hide tears from me.
(But I was never there)

If I were there,
I would have shown her the colours imprinted on her fingers;
The colours, that she stole from the butterfly, which she went after,
The colours, which I found in her paintings and letters.
The colours, which I found in her words, whispers and laughter.

I wish I were there,
There was but an empty bed and a lonely chair.

I wish to chase the same butterfly.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)


Night passed away.
Morning bloomed like flowers in the garden,
I waited long for this day,
But the sun didn’t rise.
I kept holding all the words on the broken edges of my lips,
But no truth emerged from the ashes of my lies.
(My own lies; only for me, and all by myself)

Standing at the corner of the corridor,
I glanced at the fountain.
(Fountain of hope, surrounded by the youthful trees of dreams)
Water was projecting up and falling down,
On the deserted land of great expectations.
I found a shadow, standing under one of the trees.
(Someone, with long hairs, dressed in brown)
I tried to delight my eyes by her face,
But there was much fog.
And I felt like a blind.

I looked at the sky.
It seemed all clean but yet unclear.
Dark light struck my eyes,
Without bringing any vision.
I wished, wished and wished,
But the sun didn’t rise.

The shadow vanished in thick air, like smoke.
My spectacles got blurred by the layers of salty mist.
Lost sunshine was mourning deep in my soul.
Passing moments were marking sorrowful ticks at my wrist.

Lines of my palms were all baffled.
Freezing air brushed my coat,
And I shivered,
My heart turned faint and suffered a crack.
I held my shoulders with my own arms and stepped back.
(Stepped back to the same imprisonment of the solitude)

That night, not only my eyes were wet,
But lines of my palms also wrote a fable of tears and regret.
That night, trees cast the burning shadows,
And fountain remained dry.
That night, I kept sitting on the lonely bench,
Escorted by my sobbing cry.
And no one wiped my tears,
Those moments were all about vacuum and fears.

That night, I kept missing you,
But your face was not for my eyes.
I was left with total eclipse.
That night, the sun didn’t rise.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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