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(The beginning of the end)

I saw ‘her’ for the first time, in a mirror.
When I was stunned to find my image in it.
My right was appearing left and left as right.
I looked at my eyes,
and tried to convert my thoughts in the reflection.
But what happened next was exactly infringing,
I found my face transforming into someone else.
I turned scared,
and rushed to my room.
(To prison myself back in solitude)

By mid night, I found someone whispering,
“You can run away from every ne;
God, world, people, relationships,
but you can’t run away from me,
I am you.”

In harassment, I said good bye to my room,
But where ever I went, found the same voice chasing me.
Finally, my nerves gave up,
and I hung a white flag over my door.
(Now, I don’t look upon the mirror)

The end of the beginning

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)



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