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I wish I could have the power to pick blue color from the skies,
And fill in my phrases to attract the attention of your eyes.

I wish I could have the power to pluck sunset hue,
And write a beautiful poem on dew.

I wish I could have the power to dive into depth of seas,
Or steal green shade of youthful trees.

I wish I could have the power to frame beautiful words,
And by some magical spell, switch them into birds.

I wish I could have the power to wipe out your tears,
And whisper songs of happiness into your ears.

I wish I could have the power to turn back the time,
And hold your hands to stop you from part.

I wish, I wish and I only wish,
I wish I could have power to grow my love into your heart.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

"Poet" by LouieLorry


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I wish I have a Magic Wand,
To bring good luck in lines of hand.

No star, no moon, no sun, no lark,
The nest of love has straws of dark.

I wish I have some caring friend,
To share me lights, from start till end.

But life always has different plan,
I prayed I may, I prayed I can.

No hug, no flower, no gift, no kiss,
Ah those dreams, I only miss.

No more sunshine, ’tis only rain,
I lost my time, and can’t grow again.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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My soul mate!
Don’t ask about my (deflowered) dreams.
My false, hollow and coward dreams.
I spent my evening with a night fly,
(To write a poem on love)
But morning brought the emblem of Nox*,
and word by word, my pen bled an epic of hoax.
Don’t ask about my dreams.
I wished to have an ocean of affection, flowing over my palms.
(But it was only the sand, my reward)
Don’t ask about my dreams,
I offered to throw away my Eden into hell.
(But it burnt my hands)
At the end, I turned back to home, with defeated steps.
But I lost my way in barren lands.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

* Nox = Roman goddess of night

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