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Disclaimer: This is not, by any mean, written to glorify the act of suicide or provoke others to commit it. I believe in LOVE and LIFE.

At every corner of my room, there are choices.
Some choices are positive, while some are negative.
Positive or Negative?
Who can define what is positive and what is negative?
Positive for me can be negative for you.
Everything is relative.

I live in my room,
This is not just a solitary confinement,
It’s my universe as well.
My universe,
Only for me.
However, you are allowed to enter in.
But only when my time is up!

There are 4 walls in my room;
One floor and a ceiling.
At every corner, there are choices,
Choices to be made.
I have closed my window,
Closed and locked,
Everything is getting blurred and fade.
Can you wipe out my tears?
(Perhaps – never)
Optimism and hopes are illusions.
Don’t recite holy verses to misadvise me.
Let me die with my delusions.
I have listened my inner voice,
Suicide is not a crime.
It’s also an option – a choice.
May be a negative choice for you,
But negative for you might be positive for someone else.
Who knows?

Before the spider weaves her web in my broken cup,
Would you step in my room?
My time is up.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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