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The more this night gets dark and deep,
The more these eyes have pledged to weep.
Jump turns to fly, crawl grows to leap.
But price of all is never cheap.
I lost my rest, I lost my sleep.
My heart feels like crushed by the heap.
The more I try, more do I cry.
And more I wake, more dreams I take.

For joys to reap – I must should sow.
A promise lives within me now.

As long as eyes are filled with tears.
As long as there are cries and fears.
As long as dreams are killed by spears
As long as life is void of cheers.
Blind are my eyes, deaf are my ears.
For all those gone, forsaken years.
The tears we cost, the smiles we lost.
Unanswered prayers; mine, your or theirs.

Still in my heart, love signs a vow.
A promise lives within me now.

O’ Lord! You made my heart so weak.
My looks seem dull, my words seem meek.
They call me dumb, they call me freak.
Why does luck play just hide and seek.
Please no more tear to roll on cheek.
Please bless me power to fight and speak.
I have no ark, in sea of dark.
How long I fight? Do show me light.

O’ Lord! On knees I beg, I bow.
A promise lives within me now.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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