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From the monsters of reality to the dragons of fantasy,
My breaths are unsure, and your fate is chancy.

Gildamesh, Hydra, Sea serpent, Keira or Lotus,
You never were afraid, but always took a notice.

You led the army from front; be it a battle or a quest,
No wonder, today a medallion shines on your chest.

Cleric, Mage, Rogue, Ranger and a Warlock,
Crippling, deflection, and attacks – round the clock.

Bells toll for Armageddon, how to chain the spawn?
The battle will carry on from dusk till dawn.

Lo and behold! Here She comes from the forbidden land,
With a shine in her eyes, and a sword in her hand.

She speaks in her silence, plans strategy with vision,
And never gives up, even if she loses the mission.

Tired and injured, but for rest, there is no choice,
To be a champion, one needs to pay some price.

A star has fallen last night in the backyard,
And Glacius, the Frost Giant killed an elite guard.

Alchemy went wrong, and lava shard hit the ground,
Orcs emerged, and invaded the castle from all around.

Final round begun, clocked ticked, countdown started,
Ambrosia favors, but only those, who are not fainthearted.

I rushed with my cloned defenders to her aid,
But Typhonus swirled his arms and killed me with a blade.

Azeron issued mystic powers to all his dead slaves.
And seprent thrashed wildly causing large waves.

She rushed to save the army from that ravage,
And launched the force field for a massive amount of damage.

Health bar dropped to zero, but no remorse,
A cleric will fill the bar green, with full force.

Orcs jumped inside the castle breaching the eastern wall,
But she didn’t show panic, and still stood tall.

Giving up was not the option, but a blasphemy, a crime,
Do or die, but attempt for the survival, just one last time.

She opened the window, and let the volley of arrows fly,
She shouted, “Hit, hit, hit – Try, try, try.”

Atlantean spear shunned the last member of her team,
She recited her spell – The requiem for a dream.

Living in womb of time, how come one defeat the fate?
But she broke them all – those ugly walls of the dark gate.

So my friend, my leader, and the loving one.
You fought like Xena, didn’t take it as a fun.

‘Castle Age’ is not so easy, as sitting on a calm chair,
It asks a tons of courage, and calls for bounties of dare.

How to win the challenges, you proved yourself aware,
If one doesn’t appreciate, it would highly be unfair.

You skilled well in the art of getting out of trap,
Standing ovation must be there, with my cheers and the clap.

‘Castle Age’ is a long and a difficult tunnel to travel,
Girl! You made me proud, achieving the 500th level.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

This poem is written as a tribute to my beloved, on achieving the milestone of 500th level in the Facebook game “Castle Age”. Game’s terminologies and characters’ names are used, which might be difficult to understand for the non-gaming readers.

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She talks in beauty, like a song,
With cleansing dust, and flares of ice.
The sweetness of ecstatic rhymes,
All are collected in her voice.

Mind treasured with such thoughtful trees,
Like someone lost her way in wood.
The vox that hymns like music notes,
A silence that’s less understood.

Who cares from where these echoes come?
From ancient bells of shores of Nile.
Her eyes are deeper than these waves,
Storms calm down with her single smile.

O’ Lord! Play once the harp of love,
My garden seeks the chirping birds.
O’ Lord! If once you bless my ears,
Few of her whispers and the words.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)
Dedicated to 2nd November 2009

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