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Sunshine yellow, sunshine blue,
Dashing chroma, lovely hue.
That’s a treasure, tried and true,
Shines like pearl, on me and you.

Hide me, hide me in your shawl,
All for one and one for all.

Morning starts with zeal and zest,
Lark has come out from her nest.
Sun from east, and clouds from west,
Ah, their wedlock seems the best.

Winter, summer, spring and fall,
All for one and one for all.

Fluttering, flapping, greeny grass,
Empty bench and half filled glass.
Whistling breeze like that of bass,
Let it go, oh let it pass.

Let it play with trees and squall,
All for one and one for all.

Come on, come on, bros and sis,
Walk on air, let’s dance with bliss.
That’s so simple, yes it is,
Bless each one a hug and kiss.

Love is writing on the wall,
All for one and one for all.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)


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