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Her home was silent – like a grave,
No footmark on the floor.
No sign of life; no voice, no light,
I stared at the door.

On all the walls, the paint was torn,
And dust laid on the chairs.
Will she come back? No, she will not,
Cried all those empty stairs.

My pulse was racing with a fear,
I turned my head to right.
She slowly dimmed and in the end,
Moved finally out of sight.

With heart filled with a steady pain,
And tired, aching feet.
I knew I had to walk in vain,
In dark and endless street.

I wish I could forget it once,
That ugly, awful lock.
Which yelled: now she is here no more,
The time was 4 O’ clock.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

That ugly, awful lock.


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Desert, Thirst, Stones and Weeds,
Wondered were these all our needs?

Ever had we asked for tears?
Why for goodbye meant our ears?

Autumn, Winter, Sun shine, Snow,
Sorrow, Regrets, Sadness, Woe.

Tired shoulders, lonely cries,
Crimson, yearning, swollen eyes.

Shadow standing on the wall,
Flimsy, weary, eight feet tall.

Pages scattered on the floor,
No one knocking at the door.

Lonesomeness feel everywhere,
Empty bed and empty chair.

Aching prayers, broken knees,
Some one’s dying, keep silence please.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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