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O rest in peace – the poem is dead,
I doubt if ever it was born.
There is no light, there is no hope,
The ink has dried, and page is torn.

I wish I could have saved its life,
I wish I could have written more.
I wish I had not let it go,
I wish I had not closed the door.

It’s not the first, it’s not the last,
It happens every now and then.
The lifeless fingers cause to stop,
Then, no way can I move my pen.

But that one was close to my heart,
That one was which I love to be.
Ah, yet I had to do it, sad,
I killed it all; from A to Z.

The death of poem is death of mine,
But only if you ever care.
I may come back to life, but well,
It’s okay, I don’t ask for prayer.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)



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She waited all the night for one voice,
But no one knocked at the door of loneliness.
A prayer slipped from her eyes with a tear,
And fell down on the floor of loneliness.

She searched for one dream in her palms,
And looked at the sky in wonder.
She counted the days on her fingers,
And marked a circle on the calendar.

She walked to the corner of her room,
And then sketched a rose with the chalk.
She stared at it with the silent lips,
And wished if these walls could talk.

Dark, cosmic, stunning – but all blank,
She gazed at her eyes in the mirror.
The dismay blurred her vision like a fog,
Then at once, everything became clearer.

She wrote a few words on her scarf,
Hugged gently and threw it out of the window.
Her poem flew with the wind to the horizon,
And next day, appeared in the form of rainbow.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)


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I wish I could have the power to pick blue color from the skies,
And fill in my phrases to attract the attention of your eyes.

I wish I could have the power to pluck sunset hue,
And write a beautiful poem on dew.

I wish I could have the power to dive into depth of seas,
Or steal green shade of youthful trees.

I wish I could have the power to frame beautiful words,
And by some magical spell, switch them into birds.

I wish I could have the power to wipe out your tears,
And whisper songs of happiness into your ears.

I wish I could have the power to turn back the time,
And hold your hands to stop you from part.

I wish, I wish and I only wish,
I wish I could have power to grow my love into your heart.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

"Poet" by LouieLorry


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