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Trust broken up, once and for all,
But no, I must not cry.
It’s over – yes, it’s over now,
Stand up and bid goodbye.

I never thought we had to part,
For no reason and rhyme.
But ah, once we were friends – and this,
Hurts deeply all the time.

The place where once I had my heart,
Now, carries only pain.
But I won’t cry, but I won’t shout,
But I must not complain.

It hurts me that she walked away,
Who once remained my friend.
Still I will share her all the prayers,
And care, I must extend.

Bestow on her the happiness,
And make her wounds all heal.
Oh Lord! Please let her rise again,
Give her the heart of steel.

No matter how much tough is life,
No matter how much dark.
Don’t let the tides wreck ourselves,
To shore, please bring the ark.

It’s not that easy, yes I know,
But one must always strive.
And so do I will try my best,
Hope that I would survive.

I’ll try to keep my tears unshed,
Smile, as much as I can.
It’s time to quit; it’s time to leave,
But like a gentleman.

(– Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green, 27th January 2014)

Broken Mirror


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Desert, Thirst, Stones and Weeds,
Wondered were these all our needs?

Ever had we asked for tears?
Why for goodbye meant our ears?

Autumn, Winter, Sun shine, Snow,
Sorrow, Regrets, Sadness, Woe.

Tired shoulders, lonely cries,
Crimson, yearning, swollen eyes.

Shadow standing on the wall,
Flimsy, weary, eight feet tall.

Pages scattered on the floor,
No one knocking at the door.

Lonesomeness feel everywhere,
Empty bed and empty chair.

Aching prayers, broken knees,
Some one’s dying, keep silence please.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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A bird screamed in forest,
And stirred me up from the sleep.
A shadow emerged from the wall,
And got in my arms to weep.

Few tears fall on my sleeves,
Lost in darkness, one after other.
A prayer kept sobbing on my shoulders,
Like a child after losing her mother.

A pain nailed deep in heart,
Crushed my bones and the soul.
A fire spread in my blood veins,
And burnt me into the coal.

Like a phoenix, I turned into ashes,
My shadow ran away out of the door.
Fear stabbed me from behind,
And I fell down, Dead on the floor.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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