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Hug me; I am frozen inside.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.
Please be with me, and do not hide.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.

My soul is soaked up in the dark,
There seems no ray of light.
Be nice to me and hold my hands,
Do help me in this fight.

Get in my arms; glow far and wide,
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.
Hug me; I am frozen inside.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.

What’s that unveiled across the wall?
Well, this is never shown.
Unasked, unheard, unsolved, unseen,
Unnamed, unsung, unknown.

Stand up and reach; Get up and stride,
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.
Hug me; I am frozen inside.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.

No matter how much dense is fog,
No matter how much cold.
Keep your head high and walk through it,
And get the pot of gold.

Embrace the rainbow with a pride,
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.
Hug me; I am frozen inside.
O’ Sunshine! Be my guide.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

Sunshine :)


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Sunshine yellow, sunshine blue,
Dashing chroma, lovely hue.
That’s a treasure, tried and true,
Shines like pearl, on me and you.

Hide me, hide me in your shawl,
All for one and one for all.

Morning starts with zeal and zest,
Lark has come out from her nest.
Sun from east, and clouds from west,
Ah, their wedlock seems the best.

Winter, summer, spring and fall,
All for one and one for all.

Fluttering, flapping, greeny grass,
Empty bench and half filled glass.
Whistling breeze like that of bass,
Let it go, oh let it pass.

Let it play with trees and squall,
All for one and one for all.

Come on, come on, bros and sis,
Walk on air, let’s dance with bliss.
That’s so simple, yes it is,
Bless each one a hug and kiss.

Love is writing on the wall,
All for one and one for all.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)


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Night passed away.
Morning bloomed like flowers in the garden,
I waited long for this day,
But the sun didn’t rise.
I kept holding all the words on the broken edges of my lips,
But no truth emerged from the ashes of my lies.
(My own lies; only for me, and all by myself)

Standing at the corner of the corridor,
I glanced at the fountain.
(Fountain of hope, surrounded by the youthful trees of dreams)
Water was projecting up and falling down,
On the deserted land of great expectations.
I found a shadow, standing under one of the trees.
(Someone, with long hairs, dressed in brown)
I tried to delight my eyes by her face,
But there was much fog.
And I felt like a blind.

I looked at the sky.
It seemed all clean but yet unclear.
Dark light struck my eyes,
Without bringing any vision.
I wished, wished and wished,
But the sun didn’t rise.

The shadow vanished in thick air, like smoke.
My spectacles got blurred by the layers of salty mist.
Lost sunshine was mourning deep in my soul.
Passing moments were marking sorrowful ticks at my wrist.

Lines of my palms were all baffled.
Freezing air brushed my coat,
And I shivered,
My heart turned faint and suffered a crack.
I held my shoulders with my own arms and stepped back.
(Stepped back to the same imprisonment of the solitude)

That night, not only my eyes were wet,
But lines of my palms also wrote a fable of tears and regret.
That night, trees cast the burning shadows,
And fountain remained dry.
That night, I kept sitting on the lonely bench,
Escorted by my sobbing cry.
And no one wiped my tears,
Those moments were all about vacuum and fears.

That night, I kept missing you,
But your face was not for my eyes.
I was left with total eclipse.
That night, the sun didn’t rise.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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I wish I have a Magic Wand,
To bring good luck in lines of hand.

No star, no moon, no sun, no lark,
The nest of love has straws of dark.

I wish I have some caring friend,
To share me lights, from start till end.

But life always has different plan,
I prayed I may, I prayed I can.

No hug, no flower, no gift, no kiss,
Ah those dreams, I only miss.

No more sunshine, ’tis only rain,
I lost my time, and can’t grow again.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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