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Trust broken up, once and for all,
But no, I must not cry.
It’s over – yes, it’s over now,
Stand up and bid goodbye.

I never thought we had to part,
For no reason and rhyme.
But ah, once we were friends – and this,
Hurts deeply all the time.

The place where once I had my heart,
Now, carries only pain.
But I won’t cry, but I won’t shout,
But I must not complain.

It hurts me that she walked away,
Who once remained my friend.
Still I will share her all the prayers,
And care, I must extend.

Bestow on her the happiness,
And make her wounds all heal.
Oh Lord! Please let her rise again,
Give her the heart of steel.

No matter how much tough is life,
No matter how much dark.
Don’t let the tides wreck ourselves,
To shore, please bring the ark.

It’s not that easy, yes I know,
But one must always strive.
And so do I will try my best,
Hope that I would survive.

I’ll try to keep my tears unshed,
Smile, as much as I can.
It’s time to quit; it’s time to leave,
But like a gentleman.

(– Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green, 27th January 2014)

Broken Mirror

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She smiles in beauty, like a flower,
With charming scent and floral touch.
My head bows down, the worship starts,
Still looks, I haven’t loved her much.

Such gentle voice with tenderness,
Such sweetest hymn, and soft accent.
Such thoughts, that fill the volumes and,
Such words, that bring enlightenment.

These are, but pearls from higher world,
Not ordinary lips, or cheeks, or eyes.
What mystic Rumi failed to know,
I found that heaven in disguise.

Please wind! Don’t try to steal my scarf,
She at once, turns and hides her face.
And whispers something in the air,
Oh all that beauty, all that grace.

Some day, I would confess to her,
But how and when, I have no clue.
My silence keeps the mid night tears,
Her laughter shines the morning dew.

But ah! I am an autumn tree,
With springless nights, and arid days.
I wonder she will pluck my thorns,
Or maybe simply part her ways.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)
Dedicated to 2nd November 2009

She smiles in beauty

Photo Credit: http://bit.ly/W729X9

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Love can be deceiving sometimes.
It hurts, it aches, and it breaks.
But everything seems fine, If you put dust on.
To act clever.
But Caution!
A wind of regrets can blow all the dust away,
Leaving us lonelier than ever.

Love is blind;
Works over any expectation,
And even beyond.
What we really want at our hearts,
Is not really what our eyes see.

I learned this lesson,
before closing the last window,
When I promised myself,
Of “Sublimation”.

(Poor me.)

I asked myself,
To try to stay like that,
No matter what life throws at me.

At that moment, I thought,
Love has other reasons that reason has not.
Loneliness cuts us away from the people.
We always tend to take them as strangers to ourselves,
And world turns a pity to live in,
This tragedy remains the same,
No matter what corner of the universe we dwell.

I learned,
No one likes to die alone,
And we have that power,
Not to let ourselves to slide in a pit of despair.

Before closing the last window, I reckoned,
There is no peace for the human soul,
But to love and being loved.
I thought,
It’s a right time for me to move on,
And not to look back over my shoulders.

Before closing the last window, I learned,
Love, happiness and liberation are within us,
Not in the one, we want with us.

I thought, It’s hard to reach an inner balance.
And if is in cards to stay alone,
That would be,
(But don’t give up hoping.)

I decided not to deduce any meaning from anything,
As sometimes, demons seem more faithful than angels.
Sometimes, life is like that,
People close to us,
Don’t realise our need for more closeness.
They only feel stuffed.

Before closing the last window, I recalled,
Once she said that I had a tender heart;
So gentle and caring,
Big enough to forgive her on not loving me.
And forget her for a new start.

I smiled with salty eyes,
(Is this the way, I want her to remember me?)

Well, may be, because once I was a poet.

Yes, was!

Since, then l lost my capacity of abstraction,
When I accepted that,
No one comes back in love.
They lie, they cheat, and they deceive,
But they don’t come back.
I learned this lesson,
and closed the last window.

Then I realised,
The more we become misanthropes, the more we need the others to heal our souls.

And a moment before it,
I promised myself, Of “Sublimation”.

(Poor me.)

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green.
Special thanks to my blogger friend Gaby Pretorian – USA with hugs and smiles)

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Night passed away.
Morning bloomed like flowers in the garden,
I waited long for this day,
But the sun didn’t rise.
I kept holding all the words on the broken edges of my lips,
But no truth emerged from the ashes of my lies.
(My own lies; only for me, and all by myself)

Standing at the corner of the corridor,
I glanced at the fountain.
(Fountain of hope, surrounded by the youthful trees of dreams)
Water was projecting up and falling down,
On the deserted land of great expectations.
I found a shadow, standing under one of the trees.
(Someone, with long hairs, dressed in brown)
I tried to delight my eyes by her face,
But there was much fog.
And I felt like a blind.

I looked at the sky.
It seemed all clean but yet unclear.
Dark light struck my eyes,
Without bringing any vision.
I wished, wished and wished,
But the sun didn’t rise.

The shadow vanished in thick air, like smoke.
My spectacles got blurred by the layers of salty mist.
Lost sunshine was mourning deep in my soul.
Passing moments were marking sorrowful ticks at my wrist.

Lines of my palms were all baffled.
Freezing air brushed my coat,
And I shivered,
My heart turned faint and suffered a crack.
I held my shoulders with my own arms and stepped back.
(Stepped back to the same imprisonment of the solitude)

That night, not only my eyes were wet,
But lines of my palms also wrote a fable of tears and regret.
That night, trees cast the burning shadows,
And fountain remained dry.
That night, I kept sitting on the lonely bench,
Escorted by my sobbing cry.
And no one wiped my tears,
Those moments were all about vacuum and fears.

That night, I kept missing you,
But your face was not for my eyes.
I was left with total eclipse.
That night, the sun didn’t rise.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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Disclaimer: This is not, by any mean, written to glorify the act of suicide or provoke others to commit it. I believe in LOVE and LIFE.

At every corner of my room, there are choices.
Some choices are positive, while some are negative.
Positive or Negative?
Who can define what is positive and what is negative?
Positive for me can be negative for you.
Everything is relative.

I live in my room,
This is not just a solitary confinement,
It’s my universe as well.
My universe,
Only for me.
However, you are allowed to enter in.
But only when my time is up!

There are 4 walls in my room;
One floor and a ceiling.
At every corner, there are choices,
Choices to be made.
I have closed my window,
Closed and locked,
Everything is getting blurred and fade.
Can you wipe out my tears?
(Perhaps – never)
Optimism and hopes are illusions.
Don’t recite holy verses to misadvise me.
Let me die with my delusions.
I have listened my inner voice,
Suicide is not a crime.
It’s also an option – a choice.
May be a negative choice for you,
But negative for you might be positive for someone else.
Who knows?

Before the spider weaves her web in my broken cup,
Would you step in my room?
My time is up.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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I wish I could have the power to pick blue color from the skies,
And fill in my phrases to attract the attention of your eyes.

I wish I could have the power to pluck sunset hue,
And write a beautiful poem on dew.

I wish I could have the power to dive into depth of seas,
Or steal green shade of youthful trees.

I wish I could have the power to frame beautiful words,
And by some magical spell, switch them into birds.

I wish I could have the power to wipe out your tears,
And whisper songs of happiness into your ears.

I wish I could have the power to turn back the time,
And hold your hands to stop you from part.

I wish, I wish and I only wish,
I wish I could have power to grow my love into your heart.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

"Poet" by LouieLorry


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Desert, Thirst, Stones and Weeds,
Wondered were these all our needs?

Ever had we asked for tears?
Why for goodbye meant our ears?

Autumn, Winter, Sun shine, Snow,
Sorrow, Regrets, Sadness, Woe.

Tired shoulders, lonely cries,
Crimson, yearning, swollen eyes.

Shadow standing on the wall,
Flimsy, weary, eight feet tall.

Pages scattered on the floor,
No one knocking at the door.

Lonesomeness feel everywhere,
Empty bed and empty chair.

Aching prayers, broken knees,
Some one’s dying, keep silence please.

(- Writer: Nay Af/Autumn Green)

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